Handheld Electrostatic Field Meter MESD-TA02

It is a pocket device, convenient to hand carry.
Digital zeroing key.
Press the hold-button to hold the value makes it easy to monitor.
Distance ranging system utilizes LEDs to indicate a spacing between the instrument and the test target.
It can also be used for testing balance and +/- decay capabilities of ionizers when the optional Ionizer Test Kit is ordered.



Input Power

9V Battery

Current Consumption

14 mA

Measuring Distance

2.54 mm

Range of Measure Static

High Range

High Range

±0~2 KV/inch

±0~20 KV/inch

Voltage Display Range

±0~1.999 KV/inch

±0~19.99 KV/inch

Display Resolution

1 V/inch

10 V/inch

LED indicator

3½ digit LED display



Sampling Rate

3 readings per second

Ambient Temperature

10~30℃ (Indoor)

Ambient Humidity

35~65% RH (No condensation)

Unit: mm