Narrow Range Ionizer MESD-GA

Ergonomic Design
Slip-proof and Hook Design
Input of DC24V Low Voltage



Air Flow

Compressed Dry Air

Input Power

DC 24V ±5%

Current Consumption

Approximate 100 mA

Applied Voltage

±2.2KV 72 KHz (MAX)

Ion Balance

±15V (Distance 300 mm)

Operating Distance

50~500 mm

LED Indicator

Power Status

When power input LED turn on green light

Alarm Show

When abnormal LED turn on red light

Power Safety Circuit

NPN Transistor ouput (Max.24 mA)

Ozone Amount

Under 0.03 ppm

Max CDA consumption

Approximate 60 l/min

Air Pressure Range

0.01~0.5 MPa

Ambient Temperature

15~40℃ (Indoor)

Ambient Humidity

35~65% RH (No condensation)

Unit: mm