Area Type Ionizer MESD-NAP

Adjustable Ion Duty and Frequency of Output Voltage
Input of DC24V Low Voltage
Support Industry 4.0 online monitoring
Providing optional item extended probes for effective area wider.
Particle ionizer.



Input Power

AC 24V 50/60 Hz 1W

output Current

20 mA  (built-in monitoring circuit)

Applied Voltage

DC 0~ ± 20 KV

Setting method

Use MESD-NAR or PC monitoring software


RJ-11 6P4C

 Output Control

Output and balance stability are achieved by independently adjusting
the ion emission current of each polarity of each emitter

Ion Emission Period

Min 0.1sec, Max 10sec, positive and negative ions can be set individually

Operation Mode

Pulse DC, steady-state DC or sleep mode

Discharge Needle  Titanium alloy, single crystal silicon (optional)


The alarm action when the ions couldn’t maintain the default:
the red LED turns on, the controller relay output.

Ozone Amount

< 0.005 ppm

Cleanliness Level

ISO Class 1

Ambient Temperature

-30~85 ℃  (Indoor)

Ambient Humidity                            35~65% RH  (No condensation)

Unit: mm