Triaxial CNC Router,MGS-250T

MGS-250T used for heter-shape maching or boring with industrial controller which possess advantages of high precision, stability, speed and reliability, and ccd image offset system. Application on 3c products.

Suitable material for maching PC, PMMA, PVC, POM, PCB, Aluminum,Copper…





Machine Dimension

1,700(L) × 2,700(W) × 2,000(H)mm

Machine Weight

2,700 kg

Operation Method

MITSUBISHI CNC industrial controller

Workable Area


Number of Spindle

3 spindles (distance of 170mm)

Main Motor/Spindle

High speed spindle 1.2kw/60,000rpm

Feed Speed

Highest feed speed of 30m/min

Tool specification

Grinding wheel Ø10mm(external diameter) and Ø6mm(Shank Diameter)


CAD / CAM with CNC program

Air Requirement

CDA above 6kgf/c㎡

Spindle relevant data

Vibration ≦ 1G; static deflection ≦ 5μm; dynamic deflection≦ 10μm