Porous Ceramic Vacuum Module

●High heat resistance
Micro pore material is made from high temperature sintering, and it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance itself.

● Chemical corrosion resistance
The main manufacturing materials are inert raw materials and weak chemical reactions such as acid and alkali

● High insulation
Insulating material and has the characteristics of dissipated electrostatic

● Light weight
The internal structure of the material is uniform, with a specific gravity of 2.6 to 3.8; completely sinter

Partial regional adsorption Uniform distribution of adsorption force

 1.Pore size:2~40μm


 1.High flatness requirements for applications,such as film and 
    thin material processing .

 2.Low induction rate, can prevent staticelectricity,eliminate
    the static 
electricity produced by the workpiece.

 3.Low – resistance above 10-6Ω


Applications Characteristic

 1.Semiconductor wafer chuck, Microchip

    device industry.

 1.Frictional force

 2.TFT-LCD、LED equipment industry.

 2.Wear restistance

 3.Exposing machine、Glass cutting

    machine、Air damper transportation

    of glass substrate.

 3.Good plane accuracy

 4.PCB equipment industry.

 4.High insulation
 5.Robotic arm transportation industry.  


Item Specification
Pore size 2μm〜40μm
Porosity 40%〜60%
Flatness 0.01~0.05mm ( by Dimension)
Exterior color Black/White

★Customization: different sizes and shape suckers can be made according to customer needs