Glass edge polishing machine

Using the lapping brush wheel and adding the mixture of cerium oxide, which effectively removes numerous micro cracks around the glass, and improves edge polishing and glass strengthening efficiency.
Glass shape path editing mode, through the product graphics file, through the software conversion export path coordinates code, to provide device end processing path.

Applicable to touch screen phone and vehicle mounted glass. After cutting, glass edge forms micro cracks and strong internal stress. When transported in a follow-up multi path process, the micro cracks are affected by the external force and then fragmented, resulting in decrease production of glass production line. After glass strengthening, effectively reduces the times of glass fragments and greatly increases production.



Machine Dimension


Machine Weight


Production Cycle

2〜4hr(depending on the requirement of process)

Lapping Brush

Bucket type brush wheel

Control System


Accessory Equipment

Jig box/Jig trolley/Lamination