IN-LINE Double-spindle edge grinding machine (MCNCILR-10)

1) The whole IN-LINE includes Loader, conveyor, double-spindle edge grinding machine, and load/unload arm.
2) Processing procedures are auto-load, conveyor, CCD positioning, machining, and auto-unload, which can be used to grind regular or non-regular shape of the glass panel.
3) The utility for operation Interface is MITSUBISHI industrial controller with the automatic alignment CCD vision system to achieve high processing accuracy, high stability, fast and high reliability.
4) The equipment can be applied to touch panel, cover Lens, optical glass, and other various products. 




Whole line: 7630 L x 2700 W x 2300 H (mm)


Grinding machine: 3500KGS*3 SETS (Ref.)

Conveyor machine: 300KGS*2 SETS (Ref.)

Load arm: 800kg *1 SET (Ref.)

Unload arm: 800kg *1 SET (Ref.)

Operation Interface

MITSUBISHI CNC industrial controller

Processing range

Grinding machine: 250x450mm *3 SETS

T= 0.1~0.5mm x2

The speed of X axis and Y axis

Max 30 m/min

Spindle number

Double-spindle edge grinding machines *3 sets / Line

Spindle rate/ RPM

1.7kw / Max 120,000 rpm

Spindle tool fixture

Pneumatic Chucksφ6mm

Loose and hold the tool via pneumatic

Tool type

Grinding rod or milling tool

(Depends on the processing materials)

Capacity of ATC tool magazines

Each grinding machine with 6 pcs of tool magazine.

Tool travel

CAD / CAM to CNC program

Air pressure Requirement

Clean Dry Air above 6kgf/c㎡

Power Requirement

3φ 220V 60/50Hz

Vacuum source:

Vacuum factory

Tool cooling tank

Precipitation recycle

Repeatability accuracy



CIM system

Conveyor machine (Tray Type)

Grinding rod (Consumables)

Tool DIW cooling device