Battery Spot Welder

Li-ion lithium ion battery automatic welding machine.Put into lithium battery pack and automatically compensate through image alignment system.,Carry out cell welding operation and monitor the welding machine voltage and current settings..Record in 2D code of battery pack。

The lithium battery PACK is placed in the welding fixture platform. After reading the product barcode, the impedance welding of the nickel sheet and the battery core is carried out in sequence according to the coordinates set by the product number.

Adopt Japan-made MIYACHI MDA8000B crystal impedance welding device, which can carry out constant current, constant voltage, constant current/constant voltage, three combined control modes to achieve fast welding and stable precision welding quality。



Machine model


Machine Dimension


Pass Line


Control SystemWelding travel


Welding travel

 400 X 400 mm

Tooling Table

for PACK Type

Welding System

Constant Current、Constant Voltage、CC*CV

Alignment mode

  Overall OR MARK alignment