Battery Pack Assembly

After the electric core material is electrically measured and divided.
Welding electrode connecting piece .
Incorporate lithium battery module to create product barcodeBar code.
Process description:Electrical measurement->Solder->Dispensing->Place spring->Assembly of upper and lower shells->Lock screw->
Finished electrical test andSerial number marking,Various processes are assembled into lithium battery automation。

1.Use some manual operations and stand-alone mode for production line。

2.Link Manufacturing Execution System (M.E.S)。

3.According to cell voltage and internal resistance sorting classify。

4.Spot welding of electrode pads, real-time control of constant current and constant voltage。

5.Automated Optical Inspection Systems。



Cutting Speed

  Cycle time :30sec/SET

Controlling System


Air Requirement

  CDA above 5-7kgf/c㎡

Electric power

  50 ~ 60HZ 1PH 220V

Suitable for