Automatic Laser Labeling Machine MLSR-6WF

This device is a Wafer process equipment, the function of laser marking

1. TactTime: Standard ARM ROBOT, 18 SEC/PCS
    *Note: Options double ARM ROBOT, Working time 13 SEC/PCS.
2. It has 4 Cassettes Work position, Reduce personnel corresponding time.
3. In addition to ionizer devices have to avoid damage to the product
4. Use made in Japan wafer placing ROBOT, more stability and high reliability
5. Precise rapid positioning using CCD imaging system. May correspond to 4 ", 5", 6 "wafers
    do not have to manually adjust the CCD position.
6. It has contain laser with a blow-off dust extraction device and maintaining a clean
    interior equipment.
7. With a HEPA filter, the Device Level Class 100 clean.





The size of the material

Wafer,4”,5”,6” t=0.4~0.8mm

Laser positioning system

IPG (Fiber laser),Standard 20W

Labeling capability

Vector graphics,text,two-dimensional codes,bar codes

Position system

Megapixel CCD

Labeling repeat location accuracy


Material handing mode



Monitor,Mouse,Keyboard (PC)

Power supply

AC 220v,50/60Hz,Single-phase