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MLCA-7*15.6”Dual-chamber Vacuum Liquid Optical Laminat
MLCA-7*15.6”   MLCA-7*15.6”Dual-chamber Vacuum Liquid Optical Laminat

Automatic lamination process in the vacuum environment carried with OCR/SLIT coating system, the OCR evenly spread on glass by moving blade. Sealing process accessed by high accuracy dispenser with high resolution laser thickness gauge which detects thickness of product and offsets the lamination pitch automatically, then finding the best lamination position by high accuracy CCD registering system as well that improves the lamination accuracy of products. Hence, lowering cost and improving productivity by vacuum pump designed for dual chambers. 


It is suitable for lamination of CG and SENSOR or TP&LCM. The process completed via loading TP or CG onto feeder for OCA process while SENSOR or LCM is placed to chamber, then laminated with the help of CCD registering system. Automatic line is built for decreasing the possibility of pollution by workers and increasing the yield accordingly.





CG/SENSOR and TP/LCD OCRprocess is mainly used in mobile phoneand touch panel attachingapplications.



Machine Dimension


Product Size

 7~15.6(Use Fixture replace)

 Pass Line

 1050 ± 25 mm

 Available Product

 CG and SG or TP and LCM laminator (By OCR)

 Contraposition method

 Appearance OR MARK Correct position

 Control System


 Characteristic Statement

 Dual-Chamber structure ROBOT feedingSLIT coating



 Vacuum System

 Dual-Chamber share aPUMP