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Metal halide UV Lamp
   Metal halide UV Lamp
Metal halide lamp is the chief of the UV curing process and the illumination wavelength of 365nm is approximately 1.5 times higher than the high-pressure mercury lamp at the same wattage.
As good penetration, it has outstanding performance when the thickness resin is cured.
Item Specification
Product Type MLA-ML015-1 MLA-ML046-1 MLA-ML080-1
Product Specifications 1.5kw Metal Halide 4.6kw Long arc Metal Halide 8kwLong arc Metal Halide
Luminous length 135mm 230 mm 500 mm
Operating method Double row LOCA machine Double row LOCA machine High-performance, 
low-temperature UV oven
Working voltage 175V 390V 500V
Current 9A 13A 16A
Illumination 35mw/cm2 100mw/cm2 180mw/cm2
Warranty Lifetime 1000 HR 1000 HR 1000 HR