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UV wide irradiation module
MUV-LA05008   UV wide irradiation module

UV adhesive properties with UV lamp (UV LAMP), the conveyor is equipped with materials and parts for fast, simple, and efficient to handle UV curing drying device.


  • Provide high energy ultraviolet illumination
  • Lightbox gate design is simple, and can be operated manually opening and closing
  • Adjustable air flow to reduce the temperature effect
  • According to customer needs to design customized equipment
  • Touch panel with Water glue laminating and UV curing
  • Apply to printing industry or other industry, use the UV-curable operations of UV adhesive material, inks, and etc 


Operating method Pipeline control
Power supply AC 220 ± 10V 50/60Hz, 3ψ
Equipment exhaust ψ5 "diameter x1 (normal thermal emission)
UV wavelength 340 ~ 440nm