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4" Fan Type Ionizer Instruction
MESD-FA04   4" Fan Type Ionizer Instruction
Variable Voltage DC Mode
In the single electrode needles individually imposed positive or negative high voltage, effectively boost the amount of ions generated electricity, Achieved high-speed Ionizer elimination effects, compared with conventional AC can be more effectively improve the ion generation.

0.8 Second High Speed Elimination anti-static

The innovation can be invert to DC power, effectively enhance the ability to eliminate anti-static.Low Voltage 24V input.

Internal Controller Effectively Save Place

One-mode design, which can effectively save installation space, easy to deal with a variety of applications.

Fast needle exchange mechanism design

Simple needle exchange method, maintenance operations will be easy to clean and convenient.

Conformed CE Certificate

Conformed international CE certificate, security and high reliability.



Remote Control (Only Fan has this function)

One pair of sixteen of the remote control functions,with six meters remote control distance,allowing you to easily apply.

Multifunction Display System

Multifunction display system can display ion levels, ion balance and wind adjustment, according to the environment, can improve the static elimination capacity.

Ion Lever Indicator
The LED display lights up to + close, Represent the majority of ions generated by postive ion,-close represent the majority of ions generated by negative.

Ion Balance Setting Display

Set ion levels, when monitoring of the LED strip lights close to the + represents the amount will be slightly positive ions generated ions mostly, when the LED close to-, represent the amount of ions generated mostly negative ion.

Fan power Setting Display

Setting Fan volume, when monitoring of the LED strip lights close to+, represent of the wind increased, when the LED close to-,represent of the wind decreases.

Unnormal discharge detection / display
When the output current is unnormal, the system will stop the high-voltage output, to protect the Ionizer and users, For this reason lights showing alarm. 



Able to External electrostatic sensor
Internal controller is able to connect external sensors, effectively accelerate the elimination of static electricity efficiency by 50%.


Variable DC Power (Rapid elimination anti-static

Self-Ion Balance System (Height balance)

Performance curves (Static elimination range and time (Fan power:maximum)

Different levels of the fan speed diagram (distance 300mm) Different levels to eliminate static related diagram (distance 300mm)

Abnormal output circuit configuration



Air Flow
Input Power
Current Consumption
Approximate 600mA
Approximate 1800mA
Output Power
±7KV (MAX)
Ion Balance
±15V (Distance: 300mm)
Suggested Installing Distance
Showing green light when inputting power
Showing red light when alarm
Ion balance、Ion Adjust、Fan Power Display
Abnormality Output Circuit
NPN Open Controller (Max.50mA)
Quantity of ozone
Under 0.03ppm
Maximum wind speed
3.2 m/s (300mm)
Environment Temperature
15~40℃ (indoor)
35~65%RH (No condensation)

Shape Dimensions