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Electrostatic Field Meter
MESD-TA01   Electrostatic Field Meter
Portable electrostatic field meter measures the static value of objective surface by non-contact method.
  • Small size, easy to carry
  • Digital clearing Key
  • Ion balance detection
  • Static value can be hold
  • Eco-design, automatic shut down after 3 minutes none using
  • Large screen displays numbers clearly
  • Static measurement on parts feeder
  • Static measurement on conveyer line
  • Static measurement on working bench
  • Static measurement on film winding
AC-Feedback Measuring Technology
  • Large measuring range
  • High HWFM
  • 2.5mm suggested measuring distance
  • Synchronous measurement

Power Supply 9V(battery or DC12V)
Measurement Range +/-(0.00~20.00KV)
Measurement Distance 25mm
Environment Temperature 0~40℃
Environment Humidity 35~65%HR
Dimension (LxWxH) 70(L)x135(W)x24(H)mm