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UV Curing Machine
MUVP-TP   UV Curing Machine
In-line equipment, MUVP-TP set after prnting process, solified DOT adhesive on film surface by UV light
  • Automative equipment, improve productivity
  • Hight stability of UV lighting, long life cycle
  • Touch panel interface, simple operation
  • Customized size
Machine Dimension 2900(L)×1100(W)×2000(H)mm
Machine Weight Approx. 2000 kg
Operation Method PLC control system, human-machine iteraction
Power Requirement 3Ψ AC220V 50/60Hz
Air Pressure Air 5~7 kg/c㎡
Clean Room Class Class 1000
Product Film Size 500(L)×500(W)×0.2(T)mm
Product Carrier Size 540(L)×540(W)×2.3(T)mm
Convery Mechanism Motor drives with sprocket and chain
Convey Rate 1~5 m/min
UV lighting System Quantity:4 pcs, Wavelength:365 nm
Accumulated UV 1600 mj/c㎡ above
Cooling Method Air cooling, using blower for cooling
Revolving Mechanism Match up the direction of film, 180° stage rotation drive by cylinder