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Feeder Machine
MBDP-TP   Feeder Machine
This machine is In-line line equipment, printing equipment machines disposed downstream of silicon using IR and hot air heat pipe device Film heated to the desired temperature processes, the use of roller conveyor into the material structure.
  • Automation equipment, production capacity
  • High temperature stability requirements
  • Humane touch screen interface, simple operation
  • According to customer-specific requirements, the machine designed to make changes according to product size
Machine Dimension 4800(L)×1400(W)×1550(H)mm
Machine Weight Approx. 3400kg
Operation Method PLC control system, human-machine iteraction
Power Requirement 3Ψ AC220V 50/60Hz
Air Pressure Air 5~7 kg/c㎡
Clean Room Class Class 1000
Product Film Size 500(L)×500(W)×0.2(T)mm
Product Carrier Size 540(L)×540(W)×2.3(T)mm
Convery Mechanism Motor drives with sprocket and chain
Convey Rate 1~5 m/min
Heating System (Up) IR silicon heaing pipe, power 1.0KW/unit ×48 unit=48KW
Heating System (Down) Tube type heater, power 10KW/per area×4 area=40KW
Heat wind Revolving System Multi-wing fan blades, single revolving
Temperature Condition Film surface temperature 100~±5℃,Max 150℃