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Spin coater
MSPC-370*470   Spin coater
This machine is In-line line equipment. Function is coating liquid of the glass surface.
The glass is moved by the arm to the stage and fixed by vacuum adsorption, the liquid state of thin film is coating on the glass by high-speed rotary.
  • Automation equipment to enhance capacity
  • High stability of temperature requirements
  • Touch screen interface is user-friendly, and easy to operate
  • According to customer-specific requirements, the machine can be designed according to product size
Machine Dimension 1050(L)×1280(W)×1800(H)mm
Weight Approx. 700 kg
Operation Method PLC control system
Power Requirement 3ψ AC220V 50/60Hz
Pressure Requirement Air 5~7 kg/c㎡
Clean Room Class 1000
Product size 370×470mm
Transport mechanism motor drive to move out the arm
Rotating spindle Dynamic balance calibration check, no vibration phenomenon
Coating liquid Liquid outlet means quantitative PUMP