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PR Coater
MRC-370*470   PR Coater
This machine is In-line cable equipment. Using the motor mechanism of a spray to drop the liquid into a trench between the two rollers, and the liquid will be evenly coated on the glass.
  • Automation equipment to enhance capacity
  • High purity design to improve product yield
  • Roller coating design
  • Liquid exchanging for many resist can enhance versatility
  • According to customer-specific requirements, the machine can be designed according to product size
Machine Dimension 1240(L)×1240(W)×1800(H)mm
Weight Approx. 600 kg
Operation Method PLC control system
Power Requirement 3ψ AC220V 50/60Hz
Pressure Requirement Air 5~7 kg/c㎡
Clean Room Class 1000
Product size 370×470mm
Transport mechanism Conveyor speed 1~8 m/min( Adjustable)
Coating roller mechanism Upper, middle and lower roller coating, gap is adjustable, and with a dial indicator confirmation
Photoresist recovery system (optional) Recycling pressure tank is placed inside the machine, the filter with filter oil and water feature