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Manual levigator
MGH-100   Manual levigator
MGH-100 is used for grinding edge and corner of LCD surface, deducting acute edge, preventing from any scratch on peripheral device. 



  • 4 man operation
  • Manual operation, quick and convenient
  • Customized machine per product size
Machine Dimension 1000(L)×1000(W)×1000(H)mm
Machine Weight Approx. 200 kg
Operation Method PLC system control
Power Requirement 3ψ AC220V 50/60Hz
Clean Room Class Class 1000
Glass Size Capable for product of edge under 180mm
Load/Unload Method Human work
Motor Spindle Turning speed of 3000rpm (adjustable)
Water Supply Control Duo-manual ball valve controlling water flow
Water Supply Mechanic design Water flow route in mechanics, water-proof clapboard design