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Automatic Breaking Machine
MGS-730*920   Automatic Breaking Machine
The glass substrate cuts to the desired dimension, the glass substrate adsorbs on the platform by the vacuum system, after pressing by segment, the glass break into multiple pieces of the single long shape or square type.
  • Touch screen interface is user-friendly, multi-parameter setting and easy to operate.
  • High positioning accuracy stability, high yield rate.
  • According to customer-specific requirements to plan 



Machine Dimension 2480(L)x1630(W)×1814(H) mm
Machine Weight 1500 Kg
Power Requirement 220V 60/50 Hz 3ψ
Operating method PC Base controlling system
Pressure Requirement air 5 kg/c㎡(Air consumption 100L/min)
Vacuum Requirement Built-in vacuum generator
Clean Room Class1000
Size of panel Max 730* 920mm
Sliver pressure 0~30 Kg(servo controlling)
Imaging System CCD auto alignment
LD/UD System Manual loading/unloading
Sliver Cutter and Pitch Set by the HMI
Sliver Stage 0 degrees and 90 degrees