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Hetero-shape Glass Cutter
MGCM-820*690   Hetero-shape Glass Cutter
MGCM-820*690 is used to cut LCD & OGS glass. Cutting route can be imported by figure and process with cutting wheel which capable of straight, slope, circle and heteroshape cutting. One-man operation of glass input and output.

The main function of the cutting device LCD & OGS glass, using PC control, cutting a path by drawing import, mining wheel knife cutting, can be straight, diagonal, round and shaped other processing actions taken one operation mode of operation, the glass the supply, remove chosen by manual operation. 


Machine Dimension Machine :1705(L)*1215(W)*1470(H)
Machine + table : 2780(L)*1215(W)*1470(H)
Machine Weight 1000kg
Operation Method PC system control
Product Size 60(L)x60(W)~920(L)x690(W)mm ,T=0.2~8mm
Operation Height 920±20mm Height from ground to product
Cutting Method Cutting wheel
Position Method CCD mark position