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Vacuum Crystal Cleaner,MVCC-10
   Vacuum Crystal Cleaner,MVCC-10
For a variety of small objects, such as clearance articles which have the shape of the complex and the hole difficult to clean. Using the principle of vacuum and steam to wash in lotion (HFE-7200).
The chip which attached to the film or adhesive (organic) can’t be cleaned.
  • Humane touch screen interface, easy to operate and get started
  • Washed with ultrasonic, detergency enhancing
  • Continuous cleaning once completed to facilitate workability and increase productivity
  • High clean design of the whole machine to improve product yield
Machine Dimension
Approx. 800 kg
Operation Method
PLC controlling system
Power Requirement
3ψ AC220V 50/60Hz
Pressure Requirement
Air 5~7 kg/c㎡
Cooling water Requirement
1  kg/c㎡、40 L/min、15 ℃
Nitrogen Requirement
250 L/min、2  kg/c㎡
Clean Room
Class 1000
Cleaning tank size
ψ300×H240mm (Can be placed 7 × 2 layers washed cage)
Cleaning device
Ultrasound device, steam generators, vacuum pump