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Crystal Automatic Transfer Machine,MCTC-200
   Crystal Automatic Transfer Machine,MCTC-200
This machine is moved out of the crystal process equipment.
Functions as the principle of using the Pick-Place to move the crystal from the A Tray uploaded to the number of different sizes of B Tray (Tray disk size can be shared), and can be chosen to turn 90 degrees.
  • High clean design of the whole machine to improve product yield
  • High-precision positioning systems, high-precision, high-yield
  • Touch Screen parameter setting, simple operation, easy to get started
  • According to customer-specific requirements, the machine can be designed according to product size
Machine Dimension 1000(L)×685(W)×1145(H)mm
Weight Approx. 600 kg
Operation Method PLC controlling system
Power Requirement 3ψ AC220V 50/60Hz
Pressure Requirement Air 5~7 kg/c㎡
Clean Room Class 1000
Tray Holder 220(L)×140(W)mm
Cassette mechanism AC Motor with lead screw