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LOCA Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive Lamination
MLOCA-2.8*7   LOCA Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive Lamination
This function is the water glue combination automatically in Atmospheric environment, the machine is equipped with high-precision dispensing system within ± 2% accuracy, high-resolution laser thickness gauge to measure the thickness of the product and automatically adjust the gap, then through the precise alignment of the CCD imaging system to get the best position, and the accuracy can increase.

MLOCA-2.8*7 is used for mobile phone panels or touch panels of CG / SENSOR or TP / LCD OCA laminating applications.


Machine Dimension 2680(L)x1320(W)x2200(H)mm
Product Dimension 2.8~7"
Pass Line 1050 ± 25 mm
Applicable Product CG /Sensor or TP/LCM
Alignment method CCD auto alignment
Controlling System PC Base