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Dual-chamber Vacuum Lamination Machine
MLCA-7*15.6   Dual-chamber Vacuum Lamination Machine

The device uses a vacuum environment for business cooperation OCR pressure, with a CCD automatic image registration system, a substantial increase in product pressure accuracy, and use double-chamber vacuum PUMP common design to reduce COST, increase productivity, import ROBOT automatic feeding and avoid secondary pollution, improve product yield.



MLCA-7*15.6 is used for mobile phone panels or touch panels of CG / SENSOR or TP / LCD OCA laminating applications.



Machine Dimension 2700(L)×1700(W)×2300(H)mm
Product size 3”~7”(Tooling Exchange)
Pass Line 1000 ± 25 mm
Applicable Product CG/SG or TP/LCM
Alignment mode Overall OR MARK alignment
Controlling System PC BASE
Feature Dual-chamber structure, Manual loading/unloading
Vacuum system Share a set of dual-chamber vacuum pump