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Intermediate Polarize Laminating Machine
MPLH-600   Intermediate Polarize Laminating Machine

Concise design, safe movements, and better visibility in production upgrade machine user-friendliness. No extra structures or outer cover, reduce costs. Improve precision and stability by reliable movements, meanwhile, increase the yield rate


  • High cleanliness of machine design, improve product yields
  • Applicable for varied mounting materials
  • Simple mounting action with manual operation upgrades productivity
  • Good stability of registering precision increases yield rate
  • Customized machine size


Machine Size 1600(L)×650(W)×1478(H)mm
Machine Weight Approx. 500 kg
Operation Method PLC system
Power Requirement 1ψ AC220V 50/60Hz
Pressure Requirement Air 5~ 7 kg /c㎡
Clean Room Class Class 100
Work Height 1100mm
Capable Glass Size L 16~ 90mm 、W 12~ 90mm 、T 0.6~ 5mm
Polarizer Size L 13~ 90mm 、W 18~ 90mm 、T 0.05~ 0.7mm
LCD Loading Method Manual loading/unloading LCD. Polarizer feed automatically
Polarizer Feeding Mechanism Recovery tape owns tensional control