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High UV curing equipment with low temperature
MUVCV-HA08K480   High UV curing equipment with low temperature
  • A low temperature irradiation: When the object in irradiating curing operation, the surface temperature remained low.
  • Fast curing process: Provide high intensity UV energy to effectively achieve cure.
  • Customization: According to customer needs to design customized equipment.
  • Touch panel with Water glue laminating and UV curing.
  • Apply to printing industry or other industry, use the UV-curable operations of UV adhesive material, inks, and etc.


Machine Dimension 3254(L)×1554(W)×2210(H)mm
Weight(reference) Approx. 1000kg
Operating method Manual loading/unloading
Operating system PLC controlling system,10.1" color touch screen operation
conveyor belt width (max) 480mm


Speed of conveyor 0.5~5 m/min(adjustable)
power AC 220±10V 50/60Hz, 3ψ100A
Equipment exhaust

ψ5” Caliber×4(General thermal emission×2,General exhaust×2)

Light box irradiation height 140/170/200/230/260mm(Adjustable)
UV wavelength 340~440nm
Irradiation energy 5000~8000 mj/cm2(Irradiation with conveyor speed and the height to which)
Irradiation uniformity Upper 85% (Measuring the surface left, right ,middle)