Manual RGB
   Manual RGB
  • Multi-control (2 Channel or 4 Channel)
  • Manual adjust brightness and color
  • Rapidly replace product line
  • Best solution for image color problem in product line
  • Easily operate and low cost


Item MRGB-20002  MRGB-40002
Output Power RGB LED:2 Channel
Single color LED:6 Channel
Channel current Max:0~0.35A
 RGB LED:4 Channel
 Single color LED:12 Channel
 Channel current Max:0~0.35A
Adjustable Color Required color can be mixed by RGB with one single LED
Input Power AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Input Current 0.4/0.2A(AC100/240V)  0.5/0.3A(AC100/240V)
Output Type DC
Output Control Constant current method
External Control N/A
Product Dimension 215mm(L)x215mm(W)x152mm(H)