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Digital RGB
   Digital RGB
  • Manual controlled or Connection Control available
  • Connection Control supports PLC, RS232, USB and AD
  • Able to install in the automaton, substitutes for halogen light control
  • High speed transformation brightness/color, improve productivity and operating rate
Item DRGB-20001  DRGB-40001
Output Power RGB LED:2 Channel
Single color LED:6 Channel
Channel Current Max:0~0.35A
 RGB LED:4 Channel
 Single color LED:12 Channel
 Channel Current Max:0~0.35A
Adjustable Color Required color can be mixed by RGB with one single LED
Input Power AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Input Current 0.4/0.2A(AC100/240V)  0.5/0.3A(AC100/240V)
Current Type DC type
Output Control Method Constant current method
External Control Mitsubishi PLC:RS232 (Directly read D value, program written free)
PC :USB,RS232 (VB,VC program sample)
AD+ Key handler ( Can be replaced by halogen lamp voltage)
Parameter Storage 16 sets memorable parameter (can be renamed)
Manual Control Available
Product Dimension 215mm(L)x215mm(W)x152mm(H)