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Portable Contact Angle Apparatus
MECH-P   Portable Contact Angle Apparatus
  • Low temperature plasma applied to clean or remove the redundant photo
  • Adapt to operate Plasma In-line or Off-line
  • Module and lock-in protective design
  • Customized manufacture
  • Excellent cleaning result and high speed processing
    • Windows XP(SP2) OS
    • Windows 7 32/64bits OS


Optical System CCD Camera
Lens 35mm,1:1.9
CCD Power USB 2.0
Image DPI 640x480 pixel
Amount of A Drop 0.5μL(min)
Light Source LED (adjustable luminosity) power:110V~220V
Dimension of Sample Length>134mm, Width>68mm
Dimension of MECH-P 144(L)x 78(W)x 178(H) mm
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