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Mask Cleaner,MDMC-420*530/800*960
   Mask Cleaner,MDMC-420*530/800*960
The most important is safety, stable environment and equipment, and to comply with the process of cleaning requirements when cleaning the TMA.
Considering energy saving and easy to operate features to create customer profits.
  • SPIN rotating cleaning forms effectively to remove the dirt that attached to the surface of the TMA
  • In response to a variety of dimension, it is easy to replace a fixture to improve machine functionality
  • Washed with ultrasonic cleaning, detergency enhancing
  • Touch screen interface is user-friendly, easy to operate and get started
  • According to customer-specific requirements can change the process of the number of slots cleaning




Machine Dimension
Mask size
Rotating Stage mechanism
Rotate by Servo motor,Speed 30~1000 rpm
Rotate by Servo motor,Speed 30~600 rpm
Brush cleaning mechanism
Optional supply lotion loop system or artificial pour liquid
Cleaning brush tank
Rotating brush with the sonication to clean brush
Ultrasonic washing system
Ultrasonic washing Stage
CDA dry institution
Mode using the rotary and inflatable
Operating method
PLC controlling system
LD/UD System
Manual loading/unloading