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6-Slot Washing Machine,MCB-6
   6-Slot Washing Machine,MCB-6
Under the process requirements of the premise to minimize the machine size, saving unnecessary water,and saving energy/carbon.
According to customer standpoint consideration, the design of MCB-6 is easy operation and maintenance.
  • Continuous cleaning once completed to facilitate workability and increase productivity
  • Magazine with a variety of designs to increase the function
  • Touch screen interface is user-friendly, easy to operate and get started
  • Standardization of various numerical control, improve yield stability
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is no dead space
  • According to customer-specific requirements can change the process of the number of slots cleaning
Machine Dimension (6-slot) 9,810(L)x2,060(W)x2,550(H)mm,(With external slot W=3460mm)
Operating method PLC controlling system
Power Requirement 3ψ AC220V 50/60Hz
Pressure Requirement Air 5~7 kg/c㎡
Magazine Dimension 380(L)×500(W)×320(H)mm
LD/UD System Manual loading/unloading Magazine
Cleaning process Lotion → water washing → water cutting → ​​drying
Slot 1~2
Lotion slot (ultrasound)
Slot 3~5
Pure water washing(ultrasound)
Slot 6
Water cutting
Swing mechanism 4 swing speed adjustment
Water cutting up/down Servo motor
Heat oven drying section 3 stations,Cycling hot air drying