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Double-axis Bevelling Machine,MGS-860D
MGS-860D   Double-axis Bevelling Machine,MGS-860D
This machine can be used to cut the shaped appearance of the glass plate.
MITSUBISHI industrial controller with high accuracy, high stability, fast and high reliability, to collocate with image compensation systems to cut various styles.
GE-650LE can be applied to the touch panel products, Cover Lens, optical glass, and other products.

Suitable for glass grinding, and cutting of aluminum, copper, resin, PC, PMMA, PVC, POM, PCB, and other related materials.


Dimension(Reference) 2,100(L) x 2,600(W) x 2,200(H)mm
Weight(Reference) 4,300kg
Operation Interface MITSUBISHI CNC industrial controller
Processing range 800x550mm,T=0.3~3.0mm
High-speed spindle power / speed 1.2kw / 6,000 rpm
Low-speed spindle power / speed 5.5kw / 12,000 rpm
Feedrate Maximum 30 m/min
Tool specification High-speed grinding wheel Ø10mm(external diameter) and Ø6mm(Shank Diameter);
Low-speed grinding wheel Ø100m(external diameter) and Ø40(Shank Diameter);
M8 tooth lock attached.
Toolpath CAD / CAM with CNC program
Air Requirement CDA above 6kgf/c㎡
Coolant Circulating water
Spindle relevant data Vibration ≦ 1G; static deflection ≦ 5μm; dynamic deflection≦ 10μm
Optional ATC magazine with high speed shaft (including automatic tool length measurement, Shank Diameter Ø6mm, 9 pieces);
Vacuum Pumps with water separator system;
Optical scale;
Low-speed grinding wheel automatic cutting;
backlight system with special applications.